• The first part of the camino is rather difficult as it is a lengthy journey and Somport is located at 1,600 meters above sea level. The setting is very picturesque, the Pyrenees offer splendid backgrounds.

    Some pilgrims decide to walk until Canfranc only. The first part of the day especially is very atypical to the Camino de Santiago as you will find hotels at all times. These do not cater mostly to pilgrims though but to the ski lovers. The advantage of passing through tourist sites is that you will find plenty of restaurants and bars at all times.

    Jaca is the largest town you will encounter on the Camino Aragones. The Cathedral of San Pedro Apóstol is one of the oldest cathedrals in Spain; its building started around 1070. The citadel of Jaca from the 16th century is also worth a visit.

  • On the first day the Camino Aragones will start in Somport going through Candanchú, Canfranc-Estación, Canfranc, Villanúa, Castiello de Jaca, Hotel Charlé and Jaca. Here is the map:

    Camino Aragonés1: Somport - Jaca
    Camino Aragonés1:  Somport - Jaca

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