Camino de Madrid

The Camino de Madrid is a more modern route, designed by the Amigos de los Caminos de Santiago de Madrid for the people living in central Spain.

The route is very beautiful, it mostly goes on footpaths, and rarely do you step on the asphalt. It passes several beautiful historical towns and cities like Sahagun, Coca or Segovia. It takes two weeks to walk the Camino de Madrid on average.

It is advised to not walk it during the hot summer months as there will be little shade on the way. Early spring is also not advisable as you will pass through mountainous areas, especially in the first part. If you decide to walk during the summer, make sure to get up early as the hot summer sun will exhaust you very fast.

Autumn is an ideal season for the Camino de Madrid.

It is a very well-waymarked route so you won’t get lost.