• The Camino Ingles or the English Way is one of the shortest routes on land to get to Santiago de Compostela. There are two starting points for the Camino Ingles, one from Ferrol and one from A Coruna. Over 7,000 people choose the Camino Ingles every year.

    Although A Coruna is the biggest city, most pilgrims choose their starting point the port of Ferrol because the distance between A Coruna and Santiago de Compostela is only 96 kilometers long and a pilgrim can’t earn a compostela by completing that route.

    The distance between Ferrol and Santiago is 110 kilometers.


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    This camino has a long tradition as it was used since the 12th century when pilgrims from England and Nordic countries arrived in the ports of Northern Spain to continue their way to Santiago.
    In the year 1434 alone, over 3,000 pilgrims disembarked in the port of A Coruna with the intention of going to Santiago de Compostela.


    Waymarking on the Camino Ingles is generally good, especially on the Ferrol-Santiago route. The camino is also called Antiguo Camino Real and sometimes it will be referred as that on the waymarks.

    The waymarking between A Coruna and Santiago is less than ideal, especially right after leaving A Coruna.

    When to go

    The Camino Ingles is accessible all year round as the proximity of the ocean makes the winters milder and the summers not too hot. The whole route of the English Way goes through Galicia so it would be surprising if you would not have at least one day of rain during your pilgrimage as the weather in this part of Spain is more similar to the one in Wales than to the one someone typically associates with Spain.

    During winter some albergues might be closed and the weather might be too harsh. However if you would like to go on the Camino Ingles in almost complete solitude, this would be the time to do it. The summer months of July and August are the most popular but the pilgrims this camino is not overcrowded even during those two months.


    The way will pass mainly through rural Galicia. Except for the starting point and the end point you will not reach any big city. The 38 km stretch from Miño and Bruma Hospital is a mountainous rural part with tiny villages scattered in between.

    Walking the Camino Ingles is mildly challenging. The whole camino can be done easily in 5 days from Ferrol and the second part is particularly beautiful as you will pass through less trafficked roads.

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