2. From Miño and Pontedeume to Betanzos

This day will be a more pleasant walk as you will not pass through industrial areas but the way will not be easy. The distance of 19 kilometers should not fool you as some parts of the road might be difficult for inexperienced hikers.

After leaving Pontedeume, you will first reach the village of Buíña. You will head to the one-arch stone bridge of Baxoi and soon you will reach Miño. Here there are more bars and restaurants where you might want to stop for a while.

After you cross the Lambre river via the Ponte de Porco, you will continue your walk through some villages not far from the seaside.

Your end point for today will be the town of Betanzos which lies only 25 kilometers from A Coruna. Betanzos will be the biggest municipality you will find on your way to Santiago, so if you need a bank or some shopping to do, it is best to do it here.