Camí de Sant Jaume

The Way of Saint James in Catalonia

Catalonia, for its geographic location, has always been a privileged front door of all the military, ideological, and cultural waves that came from the other part of the Pyrenees. If we look at it from a purely geographic logic, Catalonia should have passed one of the more important European branches of the Way of Saint James. With its recovery, the objective established in the Strategic Plan 2005-2010 has been accomplished.

The recovery of the paths which start from the Coll de Panissars, on the French border, to Alcarràs, from El Port de la Selva to Figueres, from Tàrrega to Alfarràs, from Barcelona to Montserrat, from Tarragona to Bellpuig and from Lleida and Tortosa to Batea enhances the tourist value of these cities, places and interior regions that have a monumental and cultural heritage of first level but so far have not been sufficiently known from a touristy point of view.

The Way of St. James has been considered “cultural property” and recognized as the “first major European tour” by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, subscribed to the Council of Europe. Its main branches have been also declared “World Heritage sites” by UNESCO.

Camí de Sant Jaume Map