Cizur Menor

Cizur Menor used to be a commandery of the Order of St. John of Malta, who also maintained a pilgrim hospital here. One of the Albergues is still run by the Order, and if you are lucky enough, you may have your accommodation among the old walls of their church, which is a real blessing in the summertime.

Cizur Menor is almost a neighborhood of Pamplona, as it is situated just 4 km from the famous city. It is reached by a pleasant road that many people from Pamplona use on their usual walks. 

The historic center is located around the church dedicated to San Emeterio and San Celedonio, and from here are distributed the urbanizations with their chalets with gardens. There are different types of accommodation for pilgrims and some fancier restaurants.

Iglésia de San Miguel Arcángel

The church of Saint Michael Archangel was built at the end of the 12th century and served as a pilgrim hospital. Its Romanesque doorway, with the Greek monogram of Christ in the tympanum, is worth a look.