Tips for cyclists on the camino

Before starting, plan a route considering the total number of kilometers you intend to ride and the different daily stages. If you do your Camino Frances complete, from Roncesvalles or Somport, bear in mind that you will need at least ten days. Take it easy so you have enough time to visit the sanctuaries and the critical places of the route.

As for your physical preparation, if you do not cycle regularly, riding so many kilometers a day will require strict training: In terms of your physical preparation, also consider seeing a specialized doctor.

Given the prolonged strain you are about to face, a previous medical checkup would probably be a good idea. Make a training plan, starting with just a few kilometers and increasing distances gradually. Complete your physical preparation by exercising daily to gain greater muscle, back, and neck flexibility.

As to the bicycle, you should have it serviced before starting off. Properly operating parts and a suitable gear-shifting mechanism are also essential for such a long trip.

Finally, technique is also important. Ask experienced riders to accompany you during your training sessions. They will advise you on the best cycling posture, how and when to shift gears, pedaling pace, etc.

As to how to carry your luggage on the bicycle, you’ll probably need small saddlebags that adjust to the back wheel and to the handlebar. Remember that the less weight you carry, the better. Wear appropriate clothing too, which must be tight and colorful. This way, you will get less resistance as you advance, and you will make it easier for car drivers to spot you. Do not let anything hang off you or the bicycle since it may get tangled in the moving parts of the bicycle. When you get off the bike, a personal washing kit, a sleeping bag, and a tracksuit or suitable cloth are also essential.

Observing the Circulation Code strictly, always carry mineral water distrusting the water springs you find along the way, and carrying some tools to get you off the hook in case of a flat tire or any other minor breakdown will help you to make your pilgrimage a unique and unforgettable experience.

Need Help With Organizing Your Way?

In case you need assistance, you can benefit from an organized or self-guided tour. Our trusted partners at Follow the Camino can help you plan everything in detail for your peace of mind.