About us

The website Santiago-Compostela.net was started in 2002 by Piers Nicholson as a guide to pilgrims who want to walk the Camino de Santiago. Back then, there was little information available on the internet about the conditions on the road. First, only the Camino Frances was featured, but the website quickly grew and listed pictures about the most important pilgrim routes.

This website is designed to show people thinking of doing this fascinating (and mind-changing) walk exactly what the Camino is like. Most people overestimate the difficulties of the terrain and the walking surfaces and underestimate that their feet are probably not used to walking a reasonably long distance daily. The 1,500 pictures on this website give a very detailed picture of the path, the refugios, the scenery, the monuments, and the curiosities of the Camino.

Since 2015 the website has been owned by Alex Simon, who did the site’s first redesign in 2016.