Obanos is a small town in Navarre, just before Puente La Reina. It has typical stone houses that are so prevalent in the region.

The mystery of Obanos

The 14th-century legend tells the story of the martyrdom of Santa Felicia and the penitence of San Guillén (William). Felicia of Aquitaine abandoned the court to lead a pious life after completing the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Her brother Guillén went after her, and, after trying to dissuade her in vain, in a moment of fury, ended up killing her. Repentant for his crime, he too undertook a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and, on his return, built a chapel at Arnotegui. From then on, he led a hermit’s life, serving the pilgrims and the poor for the rest of his life. Felicia and Guillén later became saints.

Since 1965, the mystery is regularly performed in public (currently biannually at the end of July).

Accommodation in Obanos

Hotel nameTypePrice rangeRoom typeOther
Estudio VillazónApartmentMid-rangeOne bedroom apartmentWiFi, Kitchen, Washing machine
CASA RAICHUBed&BreakfastBudgetPrivate rooms with shared bathroomsWiFi, Terrace, Continental breakfast available
Casa Rural Villazón II – A 16 km de PamplonaCountry houseSplurgeFour bedroom houseShared lounge, Garden, WiFi, Kitchen

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

The Church of Saint John the Baptist is the keeper of the relic of Saint William of Aquitaine, 34 bones preserved in a silver head. Each year, usually on the Thursday following Holy Thursday, priests pour water and wine through the relic, which then becomes blessed, and is offered to the people.