• The Camino Primitivo is the most challenging of all the ways to Santiago de Compostela but also the most rewarding ones as you will pass through the untouched nature of Asturias.

    There are less people on the Primitivo than on the Frances or the Portugues and you can enjoy the scenery all for yourself at some times. However, the last two days of the Camino Primitivo coincide with the Camino Frances and there you will also be able to meet many other pilgrims as well and benefit from the social part of the camino as well.

    This is “The Original “Way” and might well have been taken by King Alphonse “The Chaste” who played a decisive role in confirming that the remains unearthed in Santiago de Compostela did indeed belong to the Apostle Saint James.

    The first part of the camino is challenging; from Oviedo to Lugo you will mainly pass through a mountainous area with ups and downs. The terrain will be sometimes rocky but often times it will be muddy and you need to be well prepared for this journey both physically and in terms of gear.

    Thankfully, there are plenty albergues on your way and you can make stops even if you do this camino unprepared. One of the best aspects of the Camino Primitivo are the locals; very friendly and helpful to pilgrims. You will not find crowds of pilgrims here so the experience is not over-commercialized.

    Self-Guided Tours

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