4. From Tineo to Pola de Allande

Today’s hike is a bit longer and more difficult than the days before. You will pass through Villaluz, Campiello, Borres, La Mortera, Porciles, and Pola de Allende.

There is also an alternative way you can take today, the “Ruta de los Hospitales”. If you take that way, you will shorten your walk by 2.5 kilometers but overall it is a more difficult and desolate route than the official one. For this route, you will need to take a detour after you reach Borres and you will go until Puerto del Palo.

If you take the official route from Tineo to Pola de Allende, you will pass through many scenic parts. Before your first village Villaluz for example you can take an 800m detour to visit the abandoned Monastery of Santa Maria la Real de Obona and later you will pass through an oak and chestnut forest.

At your last stop today, in Pola de Allende you can visit the abandoned Palacio de Cienfuegos, a defensive structure dating back to the 15th century.