5. From Pola de Allande to La Mesa

The pilgrim will pass today through Peñaseita, Puerto del Palo, Montefurado, Lago, Berducedo, and La Mesa.

The day will start with an ascent to Puerto del Palo which will become more difficult before reaching Puerto del Palo. From there, you will descend to the next village, a descent where you need to pay more attention, especially if the weather conditions are not optimal. With proper care, it is not dangerous.

In Berducedo you can find a couple of bars and a good restaurant, and it is recommended to eat here as in La Mesa, the final destination for today you will not find things open. Some people prefer to stay in Berducedo and have a longer hike the next day for this very reason. There is Berducedo, you can also find the Church of Santa Maria from the 16th century.

As said above, not much can be found in La Mesa. No bar and no restaurant as of 2016. Only a small grocery store is open during the summer months.