11. From San Román da Retorta to Melide

This stage is an easier one, passing through rural areas mostly. You can choose to go through the old Roman Way which is 1.4 kilometers shorter than the official way and it is more scenic as well. The Roman Way might be designed the official way soon anyway.

You will pass through Ferreira, As Seixas, Casacamiño, Vilouriz, and Vilamor before reaching the town of Melide where you will connect to the Camino Frances Continue this stage from here and here.

In Ferreira, there will be a small Roman bridge, two shelters, and a bar. Make sure to get any supply here in Ferreira as you will have scarce resources until you get to Melide.

From Melide you will most likely have two more days on the Camino Frances until you reach Santiago de Compostela. The French Way will be very different than the Primitive Way because it will be full of pilgrims (especially in the summer months), pilgrim hostels will be found in all villages and hamlets and restaurants and bars will be plentiful.

The last day on the Camino Primitivo goes to Medlide and you will pass through: San Román da Retorta, Ferreira, As Seixas, Casacamiño, Vilouriz, Vilamor, Melide.