1. From Oviedo to San Juan de Villapañada

The first day of the Camino Primitivo starts in the city of Oviedo, the largest city in Asturias. If you do not have a credential you can get one for free in Oviedo’s Tourist Office.

As a pilgrim, you can also visit the Oviedo Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a discount. Getting out of Oviedo, you will have to follow the bronze scallop shell signs from the Cathedral to the borough of La Florida. Once out of the city, you will pass through the villages of Oviedo, San Lázaro de Paniceres, Lloriana, Escamplero, Premoño, Peñaflor, Grado, and San Juan de Villapañada. Out of these places, Grado is the biggest town with over 11,000 inhabitants.

In San Juan de Villapañada you will find the Albergue after a clearly marked 800-meter detour. If the place is full, you will have to walk 3.6 more kilometers to Cabruñana.