3. From Betanzos to Hospital Bruma

This is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of the Camino Ingles. Although the route from Betanzos to Bruma is only 19 kilometers in a straight line, you will have to follow a path through the Galician landscape that will turn it into a 28-kilometer journey.

The first part of the day will be easy while during the second part, you will need to climb uphill. This day you will also get away from the sea and you will move inland, into the beautiful Galician nature.

It is advisable to take a stop at Bar Julio in San Paio but call beforehand if they are open (981-63-02-42) as often they are closed on Sundays and have irregular opening times. The reason it is best to stop here is that right after leaving San Paio de Vilacoba you will have to climb from 122 to 458 meters (the highest point on the Camino Ingles).

There is only one Albergue in Hospital de Bruma, but it is a very cozy one.