• Today will be an easier day both in terms of distance and terrain. The distance of 24 kilometers will be mostly slightly downhill.

    After 5 kilometers you can find a bar in O Porto and soon thereafter another one in A Rua.

    The walk will get quite monotonous by this point and there aren’t many stops for sightseeing today.

    The town of Sigueiro has 3,600 inhabitants and during the summer months it might be difficult to find cheap accommodation so at this stage it is best to reserve in advance.

  • On this stage you will go from Hospital de Bruma to Sigüeiro passing though: Hospital de Bruma, Castrelos, O Porto (Ordes), A Rúa (Ordes), Ordes, A Igrexa (Ordes), A Calle (Ordes), Baxoia, Sigüeiro. Here is the map:

    Route 3,411,727 – powered by www.wandermap.net

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