• The 28.5 kilometer route is an easy one for the foot and it can be done in 7 hours. Similar to the other days in Galicia, there will be lots of small villages on your way and as you approach Santiago, these villages cater more and more to the pilgrim’s needs.

    San Xulian do Camino is the first village you pass. Here you can find a church dedicated to San Julian.From here you have an asphalted track to Pallota where you turn right and descend to Outeiro da Ponte.

    Pontecampana and Mato Casanova are two villages that follow each other closely but apart from a snack and from refilling your bottle, there is not much to do here.

    Further down you come across Campanilla where you go along the N-547 road. Lobreiro, a formerly important stop has a Romanesque church. You cross the Roman bridge over the river Seco and enter Furelos.

    Melide is a bigger town where you can see the Church of San Pedro with murals dating back to the 15th century.

    Next you will pass through Boente de Baxixo, Castaneda, Ribadiso da Baixo, Ribadiso da Carretera before reaching the town of Arzua.

  • There are 28 km from Palas de Rei to go to Arzúa. You can see all the stops in the map below:

    Camino Frances29: Palas de Rei - Arzúa
    Camino Frances29: Palas de Rei - Arzúa
    Passes: Palas de Rei, San Xulián do Camiño, Ponte Campaña, Casanova, Sambreixo, O Vilar de Remonde, O Coto, Leboreiro, Furelos, Melide, Boente, Fraga Alta (Castañeda), Ribadixo da Baixo, Arzúa

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