• Today you will cross from Asturias to Galicia. You will pass today through many hamlets and villages like Cereijeira, Castro, Peñafuente, El Acebo, Fonfría , Barbeitos, Paradanova, A Fonsagrada and Padrón.

    Right at the first stop, in Cereijeira you can find two bars for refreshments. In Castro, you can find the remains of a fortified village from the Bronze Age (3,000 years ago).

    Afterwards, you will enter Galicia and leave Asturias behind. You will notice that the waymarking is different in Galicia than in Asturias.

    The climb is not too exhausting although this day will be considerably more extenuating than the last one, unless you started in Castro.

    A Fonsagrada is a sizeable town where you can find everything a pilgrim needs. There is also an ethnographic museum located here. This town used to be a lot bigger and more important even 100 years ago, but now with its population is only 4,300.

  • The camino today will pass though many village and towns like you can see on the map below: Grandas de Salime, Cereijeira, Castro, Peñafuente, El Acebo (A Fonsagrada), Fonfría (A Fonsagrada), Barbeitos, Paradanova, A Fonsagrada, Padrón (A Fonsagrada)

    Camino Primitivo7: Grandas de Salime - A Fonsagrada
    Camino Primitivo7: Grandas de Salime - A Fonsagrada

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