3a. From Olveiroa to Muxia

Upon leaving the Hospital, you can take a direct route to Muxia. The distance you will cover this way is 30 kilometers. Early on, you will cross the little village of Dumbria with a 17th-century church.

Some stretches of the way coincide with stone-paved segments of the old Camino Real, and in San Martino de Ozon the pilgrim has reason to make a stop. Here stands one of the largest granaries in Galicia, a church with a Romanesque apse and vestiges of the old Benedictine monastery of San Martino.

The stretch that brings the pilgrim into Muxia provides a clear view of this town and its surrounding area preceded over by the omnipotent sea, with its rock formations, its light, and its sands. The seaside of Muxia, the port, and the maritime gothic-style church of Santa Maria are the final milestones of a way whose goal is culminated in the sanctuary of A Nosa Senora da Barca.

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