23. From Rabanal to Ponferrada

The length to be covered on this day is 32.7 kilometers. In the first part of the day you will walk uphill while in the second part, you will go downhill.

The first few villages you will encounter are very small ones, some of them were nearly abandoned but the Camino Frances keeps them still alive.

Foncebadon is the first such village, and you will encounter it five and a half kilometers from Rabanal. There are albergues as well as a church dedicated to San Salvador that is slowly being restored.

Cruz de Ferro or the Iron Cross is a place where many pilgrims stop to take a photo and to place a rock taken from home to the already existing pile of rocks here. A rock left at this cross symbolizes a burden left behind. This is the highest point you will reach on the Camino Frances at 1,520 meters.

The next village is Manjarin, a formerly abandoned village where a colorful Albergue is operated. Another small village is El Acebo followed by Riego de Ambros.

Molinaseca is a beautiful mountain village where a Romanesque bridge over the River Meruelo is found.

Ponferrada is the last bigger city on the way to Santiago de Compostela. With over 67,000 inhabitants it has everything you may need. The Templar castle is especially worth visiting here.
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