28. From Portomarín to Palas de Rei

The 25 km road to Palas de Rei can be done in about six hours. In the first part of the day, you will have to climb, while the second part of the day will be mostly even surface.

Just like the day before, you will find settlements all along your way so filling up with water and getting food will not be an issue.

Gonzar is the first village you enter, then a series of small hamlets having “Castro” in their name follow Castromaior where a small Romanesque church is found, Castro Lardeiros and Castro Simone.

The following villages are found along the route before Palas de Rei: Hospital de la Cruz, Vantas de Naron, Ligonda, Eirexe, Portos, and O Chacotes.

Palas de Rei is a sizable town but it is only a shadow of its past. During the 8th century forts existed here and the palace of the Visigothic king Witiza was here.
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