Most of this day’s walk will lead through farmlands, away from the more crowded areas of the past two days.

Leaving Puente La Reina you will cross the Pilgrims’ Bridge but it is advisable to walk down to the next bridge as well to take photographs of the bridge.

Punete la Reina to Estella Route:

This day you will pass olive groves and cereal crops. You will also pass some small towns and villages where you can get refreshments. First you will pass Maneru where you can find the ruins of a gothic church and in 40 minutes you will reach the village of Cirauqui that is found on the top of a rocky hill where you can find the Church of San Roman built in the 13th century.

Passing through the Salado River you will reach the village of Lorca where you can find refreshments as well as the ruins of a hostel dating back to the 11th century, the Hospital de Peregrinos de Arandigoyen.

Next you will pass the village of Villatuerta before reaching Estella where you can find all amenities.

Stops on the way!

On this stage you will go through: Puente la Reina, Mañeru, Cirauqui, Lorca, Arandigoyen, Villatuerta, Estella.

Accommodation in Estella:

We found three good places to sleep in Estella: Agora Hostel and Hostería de Curtidores are the cheapest, followed by Pensión Buen Camino. But you can check your dates on the map below and see all the offers.

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Or, you can book direct here: Estella. Buen Camino!