9. From Nájera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

This stage of the Camino Frances is 21 km long and is the last stage that goes through the state of La Rioja.

The first village that you will pass is Azofra, a tiny community with only 200 inhabitants. Azofra can be found only 6 kilometers away from Nájera and it has some allergies and restaurants that offer pilgrim menus.

Leaving Azofra you will head to Cirueña, 8 kilometers away. Just before you get to Cirueña you can take a detour to the monasteries of San Millán de Yuso and San Millán de Suso, both part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This detour is over 20 kilometers long so it is advisable to not make it on foot but to share a taxi ride.

From Cirueña, the next destination and the last stop of the day will be Santo Domingo de la Calzada, a town that lies only 6 kilometers to the west. This town was founded by a shepherd who turned into a hermit who was refused by the monastery of San Millán de la Cogilla because of his illiteracy. He later built bridges and hostels with the help of King Alfonso VI and later became the patron saint of civil engineers. His burial site is located in the cathedral of the town, a magnificent building well worth visiting.

From Nájera you will pass through Azofra, Cirueña, and Santo Domingo de la Calzada. 

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