10. From Padrón to Santiago de Compostela

This stage is a less spectacular one as plenty of times we will walk on asphalt and in urban areas. On the upside, there will be plenty of facilities and bars along the road.

The first interesting village of today is Iria Flavia. This was an important Celtic settlement and later the Romans gave it municipal rank as a Roman road passed through it. The Collegiate Church of Iria Flavia was built between the 12th and the 17th century over an old church that dates back to the 1st century. This was the first cathedral in Galicia.

Just past the Ponte Vella on the Sar River, there are two options to enter Santiago; the first one is to go straight on the asphalt road, and the second one is to take a dirt road on the right. The latter option passes the monastery of Santa Maria de Conxo (baroque seventeenth century with Romanesque cloister), and is 1.4 km longer but is quieter and more interesting.

Once you arrived at the Cathedral of Santiago the Camino is over but you may opt to do the Camino de Finisterre as well.

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