2. From Vilarinho to Barcelos

This is an easy stage, and you will pass through many small villages on your way with excellent facilities and relatively cheap restaurants.

Today’s destination, Barcelos lies only 20 kilometers away from the city of Braga, and it is a nice detour for the pilgrims that are not rushing.

In the first part of the day, from Vilarinho to São Pedro de Rates, you will follow the N306 road until the bridge to Zameiro when you turn right. In São Miguel de Arcos, there is a beautiful church; in São Pedro de Rates, there is an old Romanesque church that is a national monument and a must-stop for pilgrims.

Barcelos is a town with over 20,000 inhabitants founded in the 12th century. The rooster of Barcelos, one of Portugal’s symbols, originates here. The legend says that a pilgrim was accused of stealing the cutlery of a rich person. While convicting him, the judge was about to eat a rooster. The pilgrim announced that if he were innocent, the rooster would crow three times, and indeed it did; thus, his life was spared. Later, he returned to Barcelos and made a statue of the rooster.
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