• This stage of the Camino Portugues is considerably easier than the previous one as its length is almost half of yesterdays. Starting with the second half of the day you will start a climb, the Alto da Portela Grande Labruja where you will gain 315 meters over 4 kilometers. It is the largest climb on the Camino Portugues but it is not overly difficult.

    The day is a beautiful one as you will mostly walk through nature. There is a 9 kilometer long stretch between Codeçal and Rubiães where there are no facilities, thus make sure you have plenty of water with you.

    Some pilgrims consider walking 17 more kilometers to Valenca do Minho. If you decide to stay in Rubiães, you can take your take and visit the beautiful church of São Pedro de Rubiães. The village is a small one with about 500 inhabitants and there are basic facilities for pilgrims but there is not much to see here otherwise.

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