6. From Estibaliz to La Puebla de Arganzon

This was the second longest day of our planned route and a slightly problematic one, as on this day you have to navigate yourself either through or around Vitoria.

The problem arises as you approach the city to be confronted with a Huge building site, however, the workers on this site must be used to Pilgrims wandering through it as when we asked for directions, In spite of the Keep Out signs, they happily pointed us in the right direction.

Once through this building site, we chose to take the route avoiding the city center as we were planning to spend a day in Vitoria at the end of the trip,

This route is fairly simple to follow, but then you have another smaller building site to contend with when leaving the city, However once passed these minor difficulties you head out into some beautiful countryside with excellent paths and great views, Finally arriving at La Puebla de Arganzon.

The aim of this stage is to arrive at La Puebla de Arganzon. You’ll start your day either from Villafranca de Estíbaliz or in case you took the longer route the day before you’ll start only from Vitoria/Gasteiz today.