3. From Olveiroa to Finisterre

Today’s day will be a long walking day and you will again pass through many Galician hamlets. The first one, right after Olveiroa is O Logos, followed by the village of Hospital. From here you can take the road directly to Muxia or choose to go to Fisterre.

To go to Fisterre, you will first reach the Sanctuary of A Nosa Senora das Neves. Another point of interest along the way is the Hermitage of San Pedro Martir, which also boasts a miraculous fountain purported to cure various ailments and on the hillock of O Cruzeiro da Armada the traveler gets the first glimpse of Cape Fisterra looming in the distance. From here on, the road goes downhill until you reach Cape Fisterra.

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