26. From O Cebreiro to Sarria

This day is the longest day on the Camino Frances (39 km) and plenty of pilgrims prefer to split it into two. Depending on your wellness, you can do that as well as plenty of pilgrims having an overnight stop in Samos or Triacastela.

Although the distance is long most of it will be downhill. You will pass through many villages today so water and food will not be scarce.

Most of the villages you will pass along your way are small hamlets with a few dozen inhabitants but at least they provide the basic services for pilgrims. These very small villages are Linares, Hospital de la Condesa, Padornelo, Alto do Poio, Fonfria, Biduedo, Filloval, As Pasantes, and Ramil. After Ramil, you will reach the small town of Triacastela.

After reaching Triacastela you will be faced with a choice of two routes. The first one through Samos is very scenic and quiet but it is 6.5 kilometers longer than the second one but at least the surface is easy. The second route goes north of Samos and doesn’t pass through many villages and has a 200-meter climb but it is shorter.

If you take the Samos route, you will pass through the small villages of San Cristobo, Lusio, and Renche. Samos is not a very big village, its population barely passes the 200 mark but it is an important stop on the Camino as here you can find an abbey. There was a monastery in Samos since the 6th century but the current building dates back to the 18th century as the old monastery was destroyed by a fire in 1536.

After Samos, you will not find another settlement for nine kilometers, until reaching Aguiada. If you would have taken the alternative route, you would have reached Aguiada faster but without passing through any village.

Five kilometers from the town of Sarria can be found and here you have a great selection of Albergues, markets, and cafes. For many people, Sarria is the starting point of the Camino as it is located just over 100 kilometers away from Santiago.
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