27. From Sarria to Portomarín

The more tiring days are behind you (unless you started your Camino in Sarria) so today’s 23-kilometer walk will be very easy.

You will also pass through many villages so water and food will not be an issue. These villages include Barbadelo, Peruscallo, Morgade, Ferrerios, A Pena, Mercadoiro, and Vilcha.

At this stage, there are many Albergues in most villages as the number of pilgrims is far greater than at the beginning of the Camino Frances.

Portomarín is the final destination for today and this village is quite big with over 1,600 inhabitants. You will find most services here and over 10 Albergues although in the months of July and August finding a place can be difficult.

There is a Roman bridge over the Miño River. The village is quite new as in 1962 after the construction of the dam, the village was flooded. It was moved brick by brick into the new village. During the dry season, when the water levels are low, the remains of the old village can still be seen.
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