4. From Pamplona to Puente la Reina

Getting out of Pamplona is easy, and after the first 5 kilometers, you will arrive at the village of Cizur Menor, a suburb of Pamplona. Here you can find many amenities and a fortified tower of the 12th-century Church of San Miguel.

From here, you will go on to climb the Alto del Perdon or “Hill of Forgiveness.” Halfway up the hill, you will pass Zariquiegui, a small village with two Albergues. At the top of your climb, you will find a sculpture of pilgrims.

After that, you will begin a steep descent where walkers should be more careful. After the descent, the walk will be more leisurely. You will pass the villages of Uterga, Muruzabal, and Ubanos before reaching Puente La Reina, where you can select from many accommodations.

Stops on the stage:

On this route, you will pass through the following: Pamplona, Cizur Menor, Zizur Mayor, Zariquiegui, Uterga, Legarda, Muruzábal, Óbanos, Puente la Reina.

Accommodation in Puente la Reina

In Puente la Reina, Albergue Estrella Guia Solo Peregrinos is one of the cheapest places to stay and is very well-rated by pilgrims. Albergue Puente is also very convenient for solo travelers, with breakfast included. Another low-budget hotel worth mentioning, Albergue Jakue has a nice restaurant, bar, and garden on the site.

But, on the map below, you can check out all the options available:

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Follow this link to find accommodation in Puente la Reina. Enjoy your Camino!