• Before leaving the city of Logroño, stock up on water and food because for the next three hours of your journey you will barely find any shops as the town of Navarrete is located 13 km away. You will have to leave Logroño through the Puerta del Camino, an arch through the old town walls.

    The next town, Navarrete has all the necessary facilities for a pilgrim. This town is also famous for its rose La Rioja wine and there are nine bodegas where you can taste them. You will also notice the dark red-colored clay in the area, a clay that is used by the many pottery workshops in the town. The Iglesia de la Asuncion is a baroque church in Navarette where you can find a statue of St. James near the top of the altar.

    Moving along from Navarrete, you will continue your way to Nájera. There is an option to go directly to Nájera or to make a two kilometer-long detour to the small village of Ventosa . On the direct route, Nájera is 14 kilometers away. This town has a population of almost 10,000 and has plenty of shops, albergues and restaurants to choose from.

  • Going from Logroño to Nájera tou will have to pass through Navarrete, Sotés, Ventosa, Alesón and then. Nájera. See below the map:

    Route 1,071,857 – powered by www.wandermap.net

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