6. From Tui to Redondela

Tui is the place most pilgrims start their Camino Portugues so expect to see more pilgrims walking the Camino than before. If you start your pilgrimage in Tui as well, it might be worth crossing the bridge to Valencia to visit its impressive fortress.

In terms of difficulty, the walk today is mostly easy, you will have only a slight climb to Capilla de Santiaguiño near the end of the walk.

The Camino would pass today through the largest industrial area of Galicia but recently, there is a new way that avoids it without lengthening the walk. It is advisable to take this new route; you will find a panel set up by the Xunta de Galicia before the intersection.

O Porriño is the town that you will first reach; there is not much to be seen here as it is more industrial in nature. Before reaching Redondela you will also pass through Mos, a village of 1,000 inhabitants.

Redondela is a town of 7,000 inhabitants and it is most famous for its viaducts. Here two viaducts built in the 19th century meet the viaduct of Madrid and the viaduct of Pontevedra. In the old town, you will also find the Iglesia de Santiago de Redondela dating back to the 16th century.

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