9. From Caldas de Reis to Padrón

This is another short and easy stage that can be finished in less than five hours. Today, the Camino still follows mostly the axis of the N-550 road. It is a very beautiful stage overall.

Pilgrims who want to take part in the mass held at the Cathedral in Santiago at noon have to extend their journey today until O Faramello.

There are plenty of facilities today, you will not walk more than 5 kilometers without encountering a bar at least. The first one can be found in O Cruceiro. At this stage, you will leave the province of Pontevedra and enter the province of A Coruna when crossing the bridge over the Ulla River in Pontecesures.

The most interesting stop for today will be in Padrón. This town with over 8,000 inhabitants is the place where the famous Padrón peppers originate. Even today, these peppers are cultivated in this area in large numbers, yearly 15 tons are produced here.

The church of Santiago de Padron is also a very important stop for pilgrims. Inside the church, under the altar, we can find the Pedrón, a granite block that was tied to the boat that carried the apostle, St James. The current church dates back to the 19th century and it was built over two Romanesque churches.

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